02 MICRO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Plaintiff/Counterclaim Defendant-Cross Appellant, v. and 02 Micro, Inc., Counterclaim Defendant-Cross Appellant, v. MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEMS, INC., Defendant/Counterclaimant-Appellant.

Nos. 2006-1338, 2006-1377.United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit.
April 6, 2007.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This case is unpublished as indicated by the issuing court.]

On Appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, 00-CV-4071.

Before MICHEL, Chief Judge, ARCHER, Senior Judge, and DYK, Circuit Judge.


This CAUSE having been heard and considered, it is ORDERED and ADJUDGED:

AFFIRMED. See Fed. Cir. R. 36.

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